NFL – Race an issue

I really do not understand this. Why do people have to be racially motivated to stir up trouble. In an article on ESPN by Michael Smith, he says…

“And so the NFL’s diversity record remains six African-American coaches out of 32. A disappointing loss and an opportunity lost, for sure. But as can be the case with blowouts, minority coaches’ going one-for-nine (and counting) isn’t as bad as it looks.” Link – Race an issue, but networking is still the key

Why is this even a statement? If he checked the population records he would find that the African Amercian population stands at about 12% overall. 6 out of 32 coaches in the NFL equates to 18.75%, so, why is this bad ?

And although I have not found the numbers yet, I would guess that the player ratio for African Americans in the NFL is much higher than 18.75%.

This just bugs me. I am not and have never been considered a racist in any way, shape or form. I could care less what color a person’s skin is. Living in Mississippi I am familiar with the race issues, but why create problems where problems do not exist?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

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