The television show Numbers is one of my favorites. I guess that really shows my geek side. Although they push the envelope a little, numbers and math are definetly a major part of life.

I have been reflecting on numbers for this year, and how my age is starting to show.

31 – Years since I lost the vision in my right eye. I guess since it was at an early age is the reason it does not seem as critical as other things, although I am reminded everytime I open my eyes.

14 – Years since I did chemotherapy. And it amazes me how it has stayed with me. There are a few scars to remind me, but, things that happened during chemotherapy and that entire year are just lodged in my soul. Along with the tastes, scents and sounds that still haunt me just a little.

10 – Years since my mother passed away, in some ways it seems like she was here just yesterday, and at other times it seems like 20 years ago. And I miss her all the time.

4 – Years since my open heart surgery. Now that one is still with me daily. It took me 2 years just to get over the effects of the surgery. And there are some really big scars.

19 – Years I have been happily married to my lovely wife. And if you look at some of the previous numbers you can see that I needed the help to keep going. There is not a better woman, or person on this planet.

14 & 18 – Years my kids have graced my life. Oh sometimes they make me want to scream, but, for the most part they are good kids. And I can not imagine how empty my life would have been without them.

Yep, I am getting old. Where’s my cane…..

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

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