Support For Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer Awareness

As a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I was very happy to find the website. “… sell a large variety of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma t-shirts, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma tees, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stickers, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma buttons, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma magnets and unique Hodgkin’s Lymphoma gifts for the whole family to help raise, support and advocate ... More on Support For Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer Awareness →

NCAA Football 2010

Yeah, finally the start of the 2010 NCAA football season! Hook em Horns, gonna be strange watching the Texas Longhorns play without Colt McCoy, although Garrett Gilbert has the potential to lead the Longhorns to a very successful year. Texas starts the season ranked 5th on the AP Poll, and 4th on ... More on NCAA Football 2010 →

PGA championship 2010

I have the PGA championship 2010 on the TV with the sound turned down while I am working. I am interested to see how Tiger Woods preforms, but it’s funny what get’s my attention when semi-watching something like this. I want to know who is in charge of John Daly’s wardrobe? And ... More on PGA championship 2010 →

Emmitt Smith Enters the NFL Hall of Fame

Emmitt Smith is the last of the “Dallas Cowboys Triplets” to enter the Hall of Fame, following Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. What  a legacy those three left behind. Not sure we will ever see three players on one team dominate like they did. Emmitt was and is a class act. Remember, ... More on Emmitt Smith Enters the NFL Hall of Fame →

The Heat is On

It is so hot, I can not walk to the mailbox without needing another shower. And it is 9:00 pm! There is no way this heat is any worse than most summers in North East Texas. So it must have something to do with my age. I don’t really remember that ... More on The Heat is On →

Open Mic Night – Buffalo, Texas

Looking forward to the Open Mic Night tonight at The Horse’e Mouth Bookstore and Coffee Shop. Each month THM host their Open Mic Night on the 3rd Friday. There is a great group of local musicians who come out and play along with a great group of people who come to ... More on Open Mic Night – Buffalo, Texas →

Finally Back in Texas

After 18 years it is nice to be back in Texas. It is not so much that I did not like South Carolina or Mississippi, but it’s just I like Texas better than any other place. I have always tried to explain that to people and for some reason it is ... More on Finally Back in Texas →

New Chemotherapy Blog

I have always wanted to write about my cancer and chemotherapy experiences and now I will. Yes, it seems like a real depressing subject, but, I think it something I need to do it. However, I really do not want to clutter up this blog and take it down that ... More on New Chemotherapy Blog →

Super Bowl XLIV

I have not looked forward to a Super Bowl this much in a long time. Yes, since the last time the Dallas Cowboys were in it. This is awesome, the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl. It has been a long, long wait for the the NOLA fans. But it ... More on Super Bowl XLIV →

Christmas Eve in Mississippi

Spending the day watching the weather, something like 30 counties under a Tornado Watch. To the West it is snowing in Dallas, this could make for an interesting Christmas Holiday here. Hopefully the Tornado’s will stay away and we can just enjoy the family and food tonight and tomorrow. It is certainly ... More on Christmas Eve in Mississippi →
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