Mississippi State Fair

We finally made it to the Mississippi State Fair. This was the first time we went to a State Fair. For some reason my wife had eating Fair food on her list of things to do in her lifetime, so we decided this was the year for that major goal, ... More on Mississippi State Fair →

Finally Fall Weather in Mississippi

We have had a couple days of great fall temperatures. We could actually walk a couple miles today without having to wait for the sun to go down, lol. Of course it will probably be back in the 90’s by the end of the week, but we will take what we ... More on Finally Fall Weather in Mississippi →

Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football

Talk about a love hate relationship, me and watching the Cowboys. I was raised a Cowboy fan, and I despised Jerry Jones when he fired the beloved Tom Landry, but I could not stop being a Cowboy fan. And now long after the Jimmy Johnson era I still have to ... More on Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football →

1968 Mustang

I have to admit that I can not stay away from looking at old cars. Whether I have the time and money to invest in one or not, it is just something I do. I guess I take after my father, he was always looking at old cars. The Mustangs have ... More on 1968 Mustang →

Taco Bell – Brandon, MS

Guest Post by : Deanna Last night I decided to treat my husband and I to some fast food as I was in the mood for something fattening. We went to Taco Bell and both ordered a #7 which is a drink, taco, and quesadilla. The total bill was $10.50. We ... More on Taco Bell – Brandon, MS →

First Week I Lost 4 lbs

How about that, first week lost 4 lbs. Not too bad, although I know the first couple weeks are the easiest to lose, I am still happy with it. I was a little surprised I was able to maintain it especially since I had some Tamales from San Antonio, but tradition ... More on First Week I Lost 4 lbs →

Need To Lose Weight

Ok, I admit it, and that has to be the first step. I need to lose weight. Over the years I have continues to gain weight and use my medical problems as an excuse, well no more. I have started and stopped losing weight on several occasions, but this time ... More on Need To Lose Weight →

2009 AT&T Cotton Bowl

TheĀ 2009 AT&T Cotton Bowl creates a little bit of a dilemma for me. I live in Mississippi, been here for 12 years, but, I grew up in Texas. So with the Ole Miss Rebels taking on the Texas Tech Red Raiders I am going to have to choose an allegiance that ... More on 2009 AT&T Cotton Bowl →

1966 Parts / 1967 Parts

If you like old cars like I do, it is always fun to find a new resource for parts. 2 sites I came across that I thought were really interesting in their approach was 1966 Parts & 1967 Parts. Instead of focusing on car models or manufacturer these sites focus ... More on 1966 Parts / 1967 Parts →

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every year since we have been married my wife has purchased Christmas Tree Ornaments for each of us, plus one for us as a couple. Then, she did the same thing for the kids. So, we now have enough hand picked Christmas tree ornaments that we have no room for some ... More on Christmas Tree Ornaments →
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