Politics and Who to Believe

Let me be candid. I can not read a bill such as the Health Care Reform and really understand it. At the same time, I can not believe any politician to tell me the truth.

As far as politicians go, I think it is to the point that each party just wants to NOT support whatever the other party does, plain and simple.

Parts of the Health Care Reform sound good to me, but other parts are just out of my grasp. So why should I believe the Republicans that it is bad, and why should I believe the Democrats that it is good?

Personally I think the US Government is too big and bad.

As an example what sense does paying tax on what you earn make? Really, think about it. Let’s penalize everyone who earns more, success = more tax, really makes ya want to live the American Dream doesn’t it.

The Fair Tax plan makes sense to me, if you want to spend money, you pay tax, if you want to be frugal you can pay less tax, it’s up to you.

So where does that put me, Repuplican? Democrat? Tea Party?

And who can I believe?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

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One Response to “Politics and Who to Believe”

  1. John says:

    Hey man, I’m with you on all that!

    Politicians will tell you what they think they need to tell you to get your vote. That may or may not be the truth, or it may be the truth, but not the whole story. And it certainly won’t be anything the opposition promotes, whether the opposition makes sense or not.

    Also agree on big government and Fair Tax.

    While I’m onto this, I also think we should bring all our troops home from around the world and use them to secure our borders. Then we should withdraw all foreign aid and use that money to start paying down the national debt and making affordable education and healthcare available to all our people. Charity begins at home!

    I don’t know which party that puts me in, but that’s where I stand.

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