Recent Earthquakes

This morning another earthquake hit California. There is no doubt that there is more seismic activity recently. Looking at the map on the USGS website indicates a lot of earthquakes are happening. This will certainly give new cause to people like Al Gore to jump up and down and blame it on everyone for not taking care of their earth. Well, I don’t buy it. The earth has been through a lot worse times than we see now, and long before it was over populated, so that can not be the only reason for this type activity.

I do believe we should take better care of our resources, however, I do not think we can control and manipulate the planet based on a small percentage of the people changing how we do things. And especially when most of the people who jump up and down screaming save the planet are themselves not doing the things they support, it really makes it hard to get behind any movement. It’s like listening to John Edwards say he understands poverty, yeah right, sure you do John.

Maybe God (or whatever, or whoever you want to have faith in), has a plan. You want me to believe that it was all created on accident, and then you want me to change it based on some better plan?

Maybe it is just the way it is, or is that just being naive?

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

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