Reflections on time and technology

My last post is about something that seems to happen more and more these days. I think it is a result of my age (44) and constant reminders of time past that come up a lot in conversations with my teenagers.

Technology advancements have multiplied so much since I was a kid. I can just imagine how the changes feel to anyone older than me. And now if you talk about technology the conversation is usually centered around computers, internet and digital devices like cell phones and iPods.

But how about some of the basic real life technology that changed the way we function on a daily basis?

ATM Cards – This is one of the first big technology changes that I remember. I think I got an ATM card with my first checking account when I was about 17. It was so cool, I could go to the bank anytime I wanted and I did not have to talk to anyone. My kids have no idea what life was like before this, they think an ATM card is a requirement, not a benefit.

Cable TV – I remember clearly the first time we got cable TV. MTV whooo hooo. We would watch MTV for hours even thought the first couple of years they basically played the same videos over and over due to the lack of material for their medium.

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

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