Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics

After the last Republican debate in South Carolina I think I have finally figured Ron Paul out.

Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics. No matter how much he wants me to believe, I still know he can not fly.

During the last debate in South Carolina Ron Paul made George W Bush look like an oratory expert. I can not recall anyone being so far off base as Paul appeared to be. At one point the person asking a question even had to ask Ron what he was responding to, because it did not sound like anything that could be connected to the question.

For me, Ron Paul is not the answer. I can understand how people could be pulled in to his camp, but just being the outsider with a fresh voice is not enough.

Friday, January 11th, 2008

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6 Responses to “Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics”

  1. I’m in 100% agreement. Ron Paul has so many ideas that I can agree with, that it’s a shame he’s not more dynamic in expressing them.

    The Leader of the Free World (that would be our President) must be able to speak coherently and convincingly to citizens in the USA AND to leaders around the world.

    With all the turmoil and threats around the globe, our next President needs to be “Presidential”, as well as having good ideas.

  2. dcooley says:

    Very well put Brennan.

    I think with the last 2 Presidents we can see the up and down sides to being able to speak coherently!

  3. Oh, David,

    You been watching “Great Speeches by American Presidents” on David Letterman, Haven’t you?

  4. David Cooley says:

    Actually no, but now I have something to add to my TIVO schedule !

  5. Deet says:

    “I can not recall anyone being so far off base as Paul appeared to be.”
    Well, you got that right with “appeared to be”. Between the media seeming to lower the sound for Dr. Paul and leaving on the mics of laughing Jester Guiliani (which is against protocal and worse than pathetic for a candidate), they did a great job of managing to make Ron Paul “apprear” to be off base, however when you review the actual tape you can clearly see that he had it right. See it here:
    It is sad to see the media “manipulate” the electorate toward the establishment approved candidates, and even sadder to see people so easily lead to fall for such manipulation. Yes, the media went to all ends to attempt to sideline Ron Paul and make him “apprear” to be “off base”, even the people that fell for it, should be able to see it. If they can not, they need to print out the Republican party platform and see how far Juan “amnesty” McCain is from these principles and how on the mark Ron Paul is!

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