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Searching For Sasquatch And Tornado Chasing

My wife added “Searching For Sasquatch” and “Tornado Chasing” to her bucket list. And just as the family says, I think like a database, so the first thing that comes to mind is I need a database of Sasquatch sightings and cross query them against a database of Tornados. See where I am going with […]

Brooklyn Tornado

As odd as that sounds, there are reports that a Tornado in Brooklyn New York caused damage to homes and flooding to subway stations. The National Weather Service is sending a team to investigate and see if they can tell if it was in fact a Tornado, or some other type storm that swept through […]


I guess you could say I am a little bit of a weather buff. Until Hurricane Katrina took a path that put us in the dark for several days and scared the daylights out of us, we (my wife and I) would look forward to a little stormy weather. Now, we are a little more […]

Christmas Eve in Mississippi

Spending the day watching the weather, something like 30 counties under a Tornado Watch. To the West it is snowing in Dallas, this could make for an interesting Christmas Holiday here. Hopefully the Tornado’s will stay away and we can just enjoy the family and food tonight and tomorrow. It is certainly a lot different […]

Flooding and Heat Wave

The weather patterns in the south are very strange right now. Oklahoma and Texas are flooding, and just a mere 300 or so miles to the east we are in a dry spell and heat wave in Mississippi. Although Hurricane Dean is headed to Mexico, it could still spell disaster for Texas and Oklahoma. I […]