It is being reported in the News that the FDA is investigating Singulair and the reports of mood changes, suicidal behavior in people taking Singulair.

Why did this get my attention?

Well, if you have listened to any of the drug commercials these days. It is absolutely ridiculous. Most of them sound like the side effects are worse than the condition you are taking them for. A couple even mention the risk of cancer.

Now, why would you take Singulair, which is an asthma medication, if the side effects sounded worse than the asthma?

I realize some medicines have side effects that are bad, but are still worth the risk for the condition we are taking them for. I have done Chemotherapy, I truly understand. It just seems that there should be a line somewhere that we can draw to stop some of this.

Reminds of my rant just a couple months ago about my wife’s Asthma Inhaler

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

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  1. Jen says:

    My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with asthma in early September of 2007. His pediatrician immediately put him on Singulair. I would say that within a month my son became a different person. He would have these outbursts that were not caused by anything. He started saying horrible things to his siblings, his father, and myself. His behavior was just completely abnormal. He started having anxiety attacks and he had never had one before. In February 2008 these rages and outburst became awful. I would have to hold him down if he got upset because he would hurt himself, or try to hurt me. He would always return back to normal within 15 minutes as if nothing happened. He would always say “I don’t know why I did that.” He then had a fit (over nothing) and started saying he wanted to kill himself, he just wanted to die, he didn’t like the feeling in his body. This fit went on for about 45 minutes, and I could not calm him down. He’s 5 years old and was threatening to kill himself because of this feeling in him. The next night he had the same fit only this time he wanted to kill his sister. We immediately contacted his pediatrician and multiple physiologists because something was seriously wrong. About a week later and multiple rages we had scheduled a physiological evaluation which was going to run us about $850 out of pocket. My husband did a search for Singulair and found a message board where mothers were talking about the effects of Singulair on their children, and I felt as if I were reading something I had written. I called the pediatrician and told her that we were taking him off Singulair immediately. I also called the school nurse, and the psychologists we were dealing with, and none of them knew about these side effects of Singulair. They were ready to diagnose him with Autism or ADHD. It’s now almost 4 weeks later and my son is back to normal. He does not have that blank stare in his eyes, he focuses completely on the task at hand, but more importantly he has not mentioned killing himself again, no more rages. He loves all of us again and says “that feeling” has gone away. That was the most excruciating, heart wrenching thing I’ve ever gone through, and this drug really needs to be taken off the market. Think about all the poor parents out there going through the same thing as me and not knowing what is causing it. I hate to think if my son were a bit older and actually knew what killing himself meant, what would have happened then. This should have been taken off the market in 2007 when the teenager in NY killed himself 2 weeks after being on Singulair.

    He had no preexisting conditions besides the asthma. Back in 2004 the doctors thought he had allergies so they put him on Singulair for that for about 6 months. He was a completely normal child before the Singulair. It turned him into an evil child who was tormented daily by the effects of Singulair.

    Here’s a quote from Merck’s site “Merck voluntarily updated the worldwide product label for SINGULAIR in October 2007 to include “suicidal thinking and behavior” and included similar changes to the patient product information”. So if they voluntarily updated their information, why aren’t doctors aware, why is the public not privy to this information?

    Mom of 3

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