Not too long ago the wife and kids took a little road trip. Upon their return they were jabbering about Sudoku. I inquired about this topic and was shown a little book, like a crossword puzzle book, of Sudoku puzzles. I glanced at it, and it appeared simple and probably useless.

Fast Foward a few days when I had some time on my hands with nothing much to do. I picked up the Sudoku book left on the table and that was all it took. And a new addiction was born.

I always hated crossword puzzles and could never understand how my mom and dad could sit and work those darn things for hours on in. Now I know.

Just today I read about Wayne & Christi Crosby, they had the same basic situation, although Wayne being an obviously gifted programmer took it to the next level. I have added his widget to my Google home page and now have a puzzle waiting for me at all times. Thanks Wayne. You can check his website out at Count to Nine

Before I could get this post completed and posted I noticed the new Sponsor Feature on his puzzles. Now that is using good ol’ creative marketing!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

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2 Responses to “Sudoku”

  1. Don says:

    You’re an evil evil person for introducing me to Sudoku — I now spend way too much time playing — I’m an official Sudoku addict!

    The Ancient Geek

  2. Try Sudoku says:

    Try to play sudoku online for free. Its a nice game which helps you on your basic mathskills but it also helps you relax. So test to play today.

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