Taco Bell – Brandon, MS

Guest Post by : Deanna

Last night I decided to treat my husband and I to some fast food as I was in the mood for something fattening. We went to Taco Bell and both ordered a #7 which is a drink, taco, and quesadilla. The total bill was $10.50. We got home and were concerned because the bag was small and light. The order was there. The taco was as usual. But the quesadilla which was supposed to be chicken had mostly cheese and possibly chicken on it. It was so flat and small that it didn’t even make a meal. I ended up making sandwiches after we had our Taco Bell snack.

Now I know it’s difficult to get consistency at chain restaurants, but this was ridiculous. So if you want an even exchange of food for your dollar this is not the place to go. This Taco Bell is located in the Castlewoods area of Brandon and is number 18271.

In today’s economic situation we need our dollars to buy more not less. I would not suggest this location to anyone.

Guest Post by : Deanna

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

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4 Responses to “Taco Bell – Brandon, MS”

  1. TheYoungGuy says:

    I have had nothing but problems out of that location when I used to live over there. Its was always something with them… either the order was wrong (which your lucky they got it right) or they, as you stated, don’t really add enough ingredients. But of course it is Taco Bell and well, I don’t know of many (except the one in the movie Demolition Man) that is really worth they money.


  2. Jonnie Lusk says:

    thats why i try not to eat at taco bell. Even the taco bell up here in Connecticut is a bit screwed up. I miss you guys!

  3. chay says:

    I was debit twice for one order and then tried to call them and their telephone is disconnected. The order was wrong. I hate when the worker wipe your card twice. I am not please with their services as well store # 18219 in Brandon, Ms. Please update your telephone number with your web profile.

  4. Greg says:

    Ordered four soft taco supremes in the drive through. Got home and found there was not enough meat on all four to make one good taco. It was mostly cheese, lettuce and a lot of sour cream. Even worse, the dab of meat was at the ends of each taco to make it look like it had more. This was really bad. I ate the ends of each taco and left the middle. Even that had so little meat it was sad. Tried to call and talk to the manager, but the phone just rolls to a fax machine. I looked at other reviews online for the Brandon Taco Bell. Apparently others have had the same complaint for quite a while. No wonder they don’t answer the phone.

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