The Last Day

Well it’s here. The last day of 2005. I know all too well where I was 4 years ago tonight.

After experiencing chest pain for almost 3 months a friend convinced me to check myself into the hospital. My plan was a little flawed, I thought going into the hospital on the eve of a holiday would allow me not to miss as much work. It backfired. All the doctors were off for the holiday. They knew I had a problem, but, basically got me settled in and monitored me while they waited for the doctors to get back from the holidays.

The surgeon showed up on Wed and ran a heart cath on me. I knew I was in trouble when the cath was cut short and they wheeled me back upstairs. In a comical but scary twist, the nurses brought me dinner. Then the doctor comes in, says I am probably going to die before morning without a triple by-pass and asks if I have eaten. When I answer yes, he looks me right in the eye and says “ok, well I guess we will see if you make it through the night”.

Not the best night sleep I ever got. I was out of the hospital in 3 days and walking a mile daily. I can’t explain how different I felt after the surgery. It was like I had a new heart. I had been blocked 90% on one side and 100% on the other.

Now I look at each New Year a little different !!

Goodbye 2005, and welcome 2006.

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

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